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A hidden beach right in front of you in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta

Sitting there right in the middle of the hotel zone is a great little spot for drinks and fun in the sun. Known to the locals as “Playa del Holi” (it is close to the Holiday Inn) There is a local beach bar and in the high season there are concerts and sporting activities held here.

It is a nice getaway if you are staying at one of the big hotels and want to see the real Mexico. It is a very laid back spot in the middle of a busy section of the beach.

This is a perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of your all inclusive hotel and kick back and relax and strike up a conversation with one of the locals.

Playa del Holi is a great spot to just sit back have a drink and try some beach food.

The entrance is just north of the Holiday Inn & Grand Venetian, there is free parking and public rest rooms.