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Best Way to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Also the Cheapest: A Look Inside of Puerto Vallarta

Affordable Unique Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

A picture book of how thousands of expats avoid harsh weather during the winter months.. Expats and long-term visitors from Canada, the United States and Europe arrive in Puerto Vallarta starting in November of each year for a three to six month stay. The majority of these savvy expats rent apartments, condos and homes, staying in a hotel is completely out of the question. Preparing your own meals vs. eating out every night is a major way to save money. This picture book will show you Puerto Vallarta from the inside looking out.

Regardless if you’re planning for a honeymoon, a second honeymoon, retirement gift to yourself, or just need to get away from the snow in the north, this picture book will give you a whole new set of ideas.

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