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Bingo Gains In Puerto Vallarta

The Bingo for Beans and Babies which has recently begun at the enjoyable restaurant, Bite Me, is gaining popularity every day. The reason for its popularity is not only insurmountable fun for all the attendees but also the fact that it thrives solely for the genuine uplift of the society. It has become one of those helpful forces that persuade people to think of the societal pressures that the unprivileged feel. A noble cause like this ignites the feelings of generosity among people, which, they want to shower on those who are needy.

The Bite Me Beach Club is continuing its activities and only last week more than 50 contenders participated and enjoyed the raffle. Folks, it gives me great pleasure to say that a total sum of $8,830 pesos was collectively raised in order for Pasitos de Luz. This is not all my dear readers, considerable donations were also allotted to the on-going chain of Puerto Vallarta’s food drive.

Last week, Chef Seth Cloutman, made a surprise visit and was the guest caller for the night. He further brightened things up at the Beach Club and urged people to have fun and to make some noise. He even added fuel to fire by providing a great special dinner to that lucky Bingo winner who happened to be the loudest and also the craziest. And that honorable winner was, Cheryl Sellers. There were also other winners of the last week’s Bingo. The winner of the first game was Tracy Lee Gehue, the prize of the second game went to Diana Karen Rivera Ochoa, the third game was won by Diane Tinsley, the fourth game was won by Diana Karen Rivera Ochoa, Tracy Lee Gehue & Dennis Smith and similarly there were many prizes that people won. If I start naming all, it would take a very long time.

Pam Thompson also won the 50/50 prize of about $1,430 pesos this week. Marcel Lebrun won a door prize, a yoga mat, also a 10% off on yoga lessons which will be given at Yoga Vallarta. Wait, wait, that was not all, he was also given a Nature Original Art plate from Bahía de Bravo. Isn’t that awesome?

The weekly give a way free pass to the Mad Hatter Party went to Nina Goodhope Mad Hatter is another activity which will be beginning at Bite Me Beach Club. It could be any kind of hat, a bowler hat or a cap or even a wedding veil, the crunch is that it needs to be a wild and crazy hat. The wildest hat will win a terrific prize. So start planning your hat! This activity will take place on the seaside lounge on Thursday from the 1st of October at 7 p.m. The tickets for this will be available at PVRPV or even at Bite Me Beach Club.

There are so many activities taking place in Puerto Vallarta that at times it gets difficult to keep an eye out for them. So remember to contribute and donate for the Bingo For Beans. Keep a watchful eye and don’t miss out on the fun!

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