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Conchas Chinas Beach in Puerto Vallarta

You came to Puerto Vallarta to get away from it all. You love the intimate privacy of your villa in Puerto Vallarta, but you know the sun and the beach are waiting. Well, here?s your chance for privacy and sand: spend some time on Conchas Chinas Beach on the south end of town.

Conchas Chinas is actually three small, secluded beaches separated from each other by volcanic rock formations that run into the sea. It does take some extra effort to get there; you have walk from Playa Los Muertos or from the coastal road, but it?s worth the trouble because almost nobody comes here (relatively speaking). It?s the perfect place to spend the afternoon if you?re looking for a bit of quiet and privacy.

This beach getaway is the real thing ? no vendors, no party bars, just a small slice of secluded rocky beach tucked away. You?ll want to bring your own drinks and food, because you won?t find any to buy at the beach. It may be quiet, but there?s plenty to do at Conchas Chinas Beach. Swim and snorkel; explore the tide pools; collect seashells; hold hands and splash through the waves.

A quick walk from your villa rental Puerto Vallarta or an even quicker cab ride will put you within shouting distance of Conchas Chinas Beach. The beach path at the far end of Los Muertos beach will take you there, as well. When you?re done beach combing for the day, you?ll be glad to get back to your condo in Puerto Vallarta for a cold beverage and a bite of something to eat.