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Discover Useful Advice About Puerto Vallarta Lodging and attractions

Puerto Vallarta sits serenely between the Bay of Banderas and the Sierra Madre Mountains on Mexico’s west coast. Puerto Vallarta still has the look of a small town with narrow cobblestone streets, red tile roofs on top of homes, and small sun-bleached store fronts. Puerto Vallarta has seen a steady stream of visitors since 1963 when the first movie “The Night of the Iguana” was filmed there. Since then, Puerto Vallarta resorts has seen several properties being built and new ones popping up every year.

The area’s main attraction is by far the beautiful climate: hot sun with light ocean breezes. During the months of June, July, and August expect your sunshine to be broken up with a rainshower. The rainy season peeks in September and October, so plan your visit in view of that.

There are several Puerto Vallarta Mexico hotels that are so huge and elegant that you wouldn’t have to leave the property till you’re ready to leave. So your major decision will be having to decide how much time to spend relaxing and how much time you will spend exploring the area. A usual day at one of the many Puerto Vallarta resorts might include relaxing by the beach or by the pool, taking some time for tennis, water skiing, or, maybe, parisailing might be your thing! Not so adventurous? How about a relaxing spa treatment?

Shopping can be done in the hotel shops and even on the beach where local store owners offer a variety of merchandise. If you’re lucky, you might even run into one of the young boys carrying around 3′ to 4′ iguanas. For a couple of green backs, they will let you take pictures with the animal.

Puerto Vallarta resorts boast beautiful dining rooms. Most have
a few. They can range from relaxed to formal. They have a perfect pallet to create a very intimate feel. The food is wonderful and the menus offer a nice selection so everyone can find something there they like.

There are also many attractions outside the hotel. Visitors can take day trips into the jungle by either horseback or jeep. One can also spend the day on a fishing trip. If golf is your game, Puerto Vallarta also offers manicured courses with a scenic landscape to enjoy.

After a day of fun and the sun goes down, there is still more fun to be had in Puerto Vallarta. There are several clubs to go dancing or you can catch a variety of shows. You can also indulge in a sunset dinner cruise or lobster dinner cruise.

At the end the day Puerto Vallarta is a exciting destination spot. If you ever get the opportunity to explore, you have to go. You will leave with smile on your face and a lifetime of memories.

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