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For Gay Friendly Destinations Try Puerto Vallarta

What?s happening party people, I just wanted to tell everyone about my recent trip, it was surprising to see that this is one of the most gay friendly destinations that I have ever seen, you can just search for ? gay puerto vallarta vacation rentals ?. I am from El Salvador, so growing up there I had a perception of the Latin mentality towards gay people so I can definitely say that I was really happy to see that all that ignorance towards homosexuality that I was brought up in, is definitely gone. At least from what I saw in Mexico, lol.

When I decided to take my girlfriend to Puerto Vallarta for some R&R on the beach, I never expected to see a whole section of the city to be Gay oriented. One of the first places we visited was an area in the old town called ?La Zona Romantica? This place is beautiful, it has that type of old school architecture with the red clay roofs and white walls, most of the business in this area are directed towards the gay community and most are even gay owned. While having lunch we met a couple from Vancouver John and Mike these guys were mad cool and we made friends right away. John had surprised mike with a trip to Mexico for his birthday and he got a Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals for the week. We went over to their place for afternoon drinks and man was I jealous, they were staying at one of the most beautiful homes that I had ever seen, this gorgeous villa on a mountain with one of those pools that looks like it goes over the edge of the mountain. And the view, man it was sick, you could see the city and the beach in the background. Their bedroom was on the top floor and their view was just ridiculous, some of our best pictures came from their view. Also because they were at a higher altitude they had this really nice breeze that went through the whole place. Believe me, next time we go I?m definitely staying at this place, it?s something like or something like that, if you look it up I?m sure you?ll find it. Anyway we hung out with them, went into town and had dinner on the rooftop of this gay hotel in the old town, awesome dinner wicked time and we even ended up going to a gay bar for dancing, we had a really good time and met tons of people from all over the world.

The next day we figured that we?d kick it with ?our own kind? HAHAHA. Anyway, unfortunately we did not end up having as good a time, my girlfriend kept getting hit on by these American frat boys at a bar and made her very uncomfortable and we ended up cutting our night short to avoid trouble. Alcohol and anger never mix well. Needles to say that the next time we went to a bar it was a gay bar and we definitely had a great time.
All to say that I truly recommend a Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals to everyone out there; the beach is absolutely gorgeous, white sand and nice warm water, the town is really great every meal we eat was excellent which is a rarity when you travel and we made a lot of great friends.

For all gay people, this is your ideal vacation destination, I saw offers for Gay boat tours, there are a lot of gay bars/restaurants and I even heard that there is a gay beach, so I am sure that you will enjoy yourself.

And for all the couples out there, I can tell you that this worked out great for us, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves and we got to do all the fun things we wanted to do, I just wished I could of traded my small claustrophobic hotel room for John?s Villa, but I definitely will the next time.