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Gay Puerto Vallarta

If you have not had the opportunity to travel to gay Puerto Vallarta, or have not been for a while, give it a try. Of all the Mexico vacation destinations I have visited, gay Puerto Vallarta is by far the most appealing. The weather is almost always dry and sunny, so whatever time of year you plan to travel, you are sure to find a good time.

The Romantic Zone, which is just to the south of the main downtown entertainment area, is where all the gay scene is. Here you will find an array of shops, spas, boutiques, restaurants and cafes that will make your trip much more enjoyable. Mexico is not always known to be very gay-friendly in areas, but it seems that Puerto Vallarta has learned to appreciate the benefit of being a gay-popular destination.
Best choice for an all-gay hotel stay in gay Puerto Vallarta!

Best choice for an all-gay hotel stay in gay Puerto Vallarta!

There are also a few small gay owned and operated hotels within the Romantic Zone that you may want to check out. The Abbey is my favorite. It is clean, comfortable, and operated by guys that know the hotel industry. The most famous property is Blue Chairs, but the last time I visited that property, it was getting very run down and was not a place I would want to sleep at night. They may have the best location, but location is definitely not everything.

You can find great hotels in the Romantic Zone in addition to the small gay properties on the gay-popular travel sites GayTraveocity, Orbitz/GayTravel and Expedia. The small gay hotels are labeled as such in their booking engines making it easy to find what you are looking for. You can also Google gay hotels in Puerto Vallarta and contact them directly from their web sites.

Right now, with the negative impact of Swine Flu, the economy and drug violence in Mexico, you are sure to find some great prices for your trip. Try planning for September or October, great times to travel anywhere. The Swine Flu issues have subsided in Mexico, although it is still a threat worldwide now, so wherever you go, be wary. The drub violence in Mexico is mostly in non-tourist areas near the border with the US. So, Puerto Vallarta should be violence free, but always be careful, since Mexico is generally more conservative. Don?t travel or walk around alone, and be careful who you party with.

Take advantage of the situation right now if you have the means, and need a vacation as badly as I do. Gay Puerto Vallarta could be the best vacation you could take for the price!