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Greed’s Poison A Puerto Vallarta Adventure

If you love action, romance and a little history thrown in you’ll love Greed’s Poison.
Captain Jack St. Julian USCG (Retired) was on the brink of a new life with his wife when a drug dealer’s stray bullet ends their dream. Jack’s need to grieve leads him to an old fishing buddy living at the Bay of Banderas, Mexico. While SCUBA diving Jack discovers clues to a long lost Aztec treasure worth a fortune.
Jack is just beginning to reclaim his life when the beautiful Jan Hamilton makes her entrance. Jan is in Puerto Vallarta for the opening of her brother Todd’s latest luxury resort.
Unknown to Jan, her brother is deeply involved with the ruthless Vegas brothers in an outrageous plot to take over the drug trade in Mexico. A massive cargo of cocaine headed for the United States will tip the balance of power within the cartels. When the cargo is stolen, heads roll. Jan unwittingly holds the key to one of the deadliest cargo’s ever to come out of Mexico.
A chance encounter between Jack and Jan quickly accelerates into a death defying chase as they try to uncover the truth.
Now the most powerful and ruthless drug lord in Mexico is searching for them. And the US DEA and Mexican police are perfectly happy to use them as pawns to find the truck.
Jack must not only save Miss Hamilton, but all his friends as they are drawn into the cartels vicious web.
The drug lord holds all the cards, but what he hadn’t counted on was Jack St. Julian.
All the while a treasure waits–if they live that long.