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Puerto Vallarta Condos

Puerto Vallarta is located in Mexico, bordering the Pacific Ocean. In English Puerto means Port, hence it is called Vallarta Port. The major economic activity of Puerto Vallarta is Tourism. Tourism contributes to around 50% of the state economy. The major tourism season is between November and March. Puerto Vallarta Villas have become a popular weekend destination as well as vacation targets for many Americans. The increases in tourists have given rise to clubs, resorts, condominium, hotels and rental apartments. There is one for everyone?s budget. It is a tropical delight with warm sea breeze and remarkable beaches just a few meters away from your hotel doorstep. The night life is very active with number of pubs and night clubs rapidly increasing in this place. It is advised to rent Puerto Vallarta condos for comfort. Experience the snorkeling, scuba diving, eco parks, golfing, fishing boats and many more thrilling pleasures. You have to be there to feel it. One of the most popular tourist locations is the Marina, where you can see a huge whale statue shaped by Octavio. The attraction is mainly due to the docking facilities where thousands of boats are berthed ranging from a canoe to a multi-million yacht. Puerto Vallarta has grown immensely, taking its prestigious position on the tourist map. The place is conveniently connected by air and land to enable sightseers to reach the place quickly and easily. Puerto Vallarta rentals could be made simple by Puerto Vallarta Rentals website. Their excellent rentals service is beyond comparison. The website contains innumerable information about the place. Their effective search engine and rental services make planning very easy. They cater to tourist worldwide through their online reservation system. Their professionalism and dedication to their customers has assigned a special position for itself in the tourist world. Puerto Vallarta Rentals can make your Mexican holiday an unforgettable experience to cherish all your life.