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Puerto Vallarta more Secure and Safer then ever

Safety and security of any city determines its reputation. A city with strong, friendly and committed police sends positive signal not only to the tourists and residents but also the investors who infuse capital into a city. Hence, it can be safely said that a city’s economic prosperity depends on its ability to provide security to its citizens and business community.

In real estate world, a locality’s crime rate is a major factor in its evaluation. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is not an exception. Any US, Canadian or European citizen looking to invest or live in Puerto Vallarta first needs to be assured if the choice of investing in Puerto Vallarta property is sound or not. Puerto Vallarta real estate has an enviable record for safety and security of its residents and their property. Many expats reckon that Puerto Vallarta is in fact safer then their native countries. Moreover, Puerto Vallarta is much friendlier.

Puerto Vallarta’s security is handled by its competent police force currently headed by its new Chief of police, Javier Lopez Ruelas. The new chief is committed not only to maintain the current atmosphere of peace and tranquility but also to improving the professionalism and training in the force.

To make the of municipal police force of Puerto Vallarta Properties much more professional, Lopez has embarked on a new policy in which anybody aspiring to be a police officer, traffic officer, fireman, lifeguard or a member of Civil protection force will have to face stricter requirements and pass all courses with an average of at least 80. Lopez stated “we can count on the professionalism of our forces and the use of technology to provide better service to prevent and combat crime.”

It’s important to note that Lopez during his earlier stint as Director of the Regional Academy had followed the guidelines of the campus, applying National Public Security Plan. This means that the first generation of firefighters, lifeguards and civil defence received training which ensures that Puerto Vallarta real estate security is of highest standards.

Puerto Vallarta will be the hosting Pan American Games in 2011.With an eye on this big event, the first generation of traffic police and bike police is been currently trained for two and half months as police on duty and another two and a half months as certified sports paramedics.

Bike police and sports paramedics will have the crucial responsibility of monitoring and protecting the sport venues. Till date, 10 graduates of the academy occupy positions as firefighters, 23 as traffic patrols, six as Civil Protection, 10 as lifeguards and 23 as bike police officers.

Additionally, 171 new policemen are now been trained in various aspects like English skills, computers, general knowledge, first and human rights. This is especially important because Puerto Vallarta has become more cosmopolitan with increase in tourism and expats buying Puerto Vallarta real estate.

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