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Puerto Vallarta On 49 Brain Cells A Day

Puerto Vallarta On 49 Brain Cells A Day is an extraordinarily funny book, which somehow goes beyond humor, leaving the reader entertained, enlightened and literally choking with laughter all at once.
It is not exactly a travel book, but these hilarious true stories do lead us on a merry romp, as we witness firsthand an American expat’s confusing first years living, working and travelling in Mexico.
We follow the author and his wise-cracking wife as they stumble through a series of surreal, typically Mexican misadventures. Whether Mr. Gevins is unknowingly telling a waiter in his beginner’s mangled Spanish that he “…chooses to urinate right here, at this table!”; or is mistakenly asking a twelve year-old girl at her birthday party, “So tell me, señorita, how many anuses do you have…”, many readers have declared that this is one of the funniest books they have ever read.
The author, who upon his arrival in Puerto Vallarta, quickly developed a fondness for “Raicilla” (the local moonshine), is continually getting himself into one bizarre alcohol-induced predicament after another: buying a five foot-long iguana at the beach and then attempting to drive it home in his Volkswagen Bug; setting his boss on fire trying to light a barbecue with the afore-mentioned moonshine; falling into a pig sty at a rural wedding. ? The list of mishaps goes on and on, as does the laughter. Oddly enough, this entertaining well-written book of stories is also highly instructive, giving the reader a comprehensive view (albeit through a distorted lens) of what life is actually like for an American living in Mexico.