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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Benefits from Airport Improvements

Within the Mexico Real Estate market, one of the favorites for luxury condos and high-end villas is the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate area. In Puerto Vallarta, condo owners enjoy the benefit of being only a few hours away from their home city back in the U.S. or Canada, as well as a large community – currently about 50,000 – of other Americans and Canadians who have already decided to enjoy life in a Mexico Condo in one of the country’s top beachfront cities.

Although the high quality of life, and luxury of the real estate available are probably the main draws to Puerto Vallarta, the easy access back home is also a very important consideration for most condo buyers. Puerta Vallarta residents, as well as those who are considering buying a condo in Mexico, will be interested to know that the group which runs the city’s international airport, GAP (Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico) is planning to invest about 250 million dollars over the next five years in improving the infrastructure of its terminals in Mexico’s Pacific Coast area.

Of the 12 airports which the group manages, Puerto Vallarta is one of 5 to receive part of this investment. During 2010, the first 20% of these funds will be invested, followed by about 36% in 2011. The first is 12 million and was available on 10th December 2009, and the second is to be implemented during February.

For condo buyers in Puerto Vallarta, this investment means that travel comfort between their new beachfront home in Mexico and the U.S. or Canada will be maintained at a high level, and the excellent level of organization and convenience will increase.

This kind of heavy investment, both from the government and from the private sector, are common in Puerto Vallarta. Both the government and private companies realize the importance of Puerto Vallarta as both a key tourism and real estate destination in Mexico for North Americans. Road improvements, highway construction, new state-of-the-art hospitals, international supermarkets and numerous world-class golf courses are just a few examples of the kind of investment this area has seen recently.

Condo buyers can make their real estate purchase in Puerto Vallarta sure of the fact that significant investment will continue in the area, maintaining and improving lifestyle and convenience. Those buying in Puerto Vallarta will receive the highest quality in property and in the infrastructure which allows them to enjoy life in their new home.