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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Flourishes under Political Stability

Puerto Vallarta is known for its world class lifestyle and amenities. No wonder rich and famous from all over Americas come to Puerto Vallarta when they want to experience the best a vacation destination has to offer. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate region offers old world charm, exotic culture blending harmoniously with hi-end real estate developments and infrastructure.

Infrastructure development in Puerto Vallarta real estate region has seen continuous funds inflow and attention from political establishment and businesses alike. All facets of infrastructure like amenities, transportation, roads, malls and real estate in Puerto Vallarta can compete with the best not only in Mexico but also internationally.

A major factor in to this growth has been foresight of the city planners and support given to Puerto Vallarta region by the government at all levels. In view of the state’s importance in tourism and economy, the state of Jalisco was allotted 10 billion pesos from the federal budget. A major portion of these funds has been earmarked for Jalisco’s roadwork development. Any real estate development in any part of the world depends on how easily accessible is the location. Hence,Puerto Vallarta Real Estate will be a major beneficiary due to road and highway development. In addition, 48 million pesos will be allocated o public works projects in regions of Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Since, this areas are two of the most prominent destinations in Mexico, the real estate sector and tourism region will get even more fillip in the years to come.

On the cultural front also, the region received funds which will go a long way in development of University Culture Center and a Bicentennial Museum in Guadalajara.

This shows the level of commitment and faith shown by the government to this key region. This has enabled Puerto Vallarta to upgrade itself as a world class destination. For foreign investors willing to put their money in Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta, this is especially important. When a region like Puerto Vallarta receives attention from government then it also increase shareholders and investors confidence. This in turn spurs large scale investment and growth. As a home buyer also, you can derive a sense of security that the dream second home or retirement condo you are buying will be safe and will provide good ROI for years to come.

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