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Puerto Vallarta Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wireless Internet Access in Puerto Vallarta

Wireless Internet access is very easy to find these days in Puerto Vallarta. Nearly every hotel has a wireless network, although most charge a fee for access. Many restaurants and almost all coffee shops offer free wireless Internet to paying customers.
Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Puerto Vallarta

To help you save some money on Internet access, I have compiled a list of places that offer free wi-fi to their customers. The listings are grouped by location.

I would love to expand on this list. If you know of any other places that offer free wi-fi to customers, let me know so that I can share them with my readers.

Marina Vallarta Wi-Fi Hotspots

* Once Upon a Bean – Marina Vallarta boardwalk
* McDonald?s – at the Plaza Marina shopping center
* The Coffee Cup – Marina Vallarta boardwalk near the lighthouse
* The Coffee House – at the Plaza Marina shopping center

The Hotel Zone Wi-Fi Hotspots

* CucaraMacara – located in the Krystal hotel
* La Mansion Restaurant – located in the Krystal hotel
* Subway – Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio in front of Burger King and Office Depot

Downtown/Centro Puerto Vallarta Wi-Fi Hotspots

* Starbucks – located on the main plaza
* Subway – on the Malecon / boardwalk

Old Town Puerto Vallarta – Olas Altas – Zona Romantica

* Dee?s Coffee – Rodolfo Gomez street
* The Coffee Cup – Rodolfo Gomez street

Puerto Vallarta Airport Wi-Fi Hotspots

* Starbucks