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Puerto Vallarta will co-host Pan American Games 2011

Puerto Vallarta has been officially chosen as the co-host to the 2011 Guadalajara Pan American Games.

For Mexico’s largest major sporting event to be held outside of Mexico City, Guadalajara (Mexic0’s second largest city) has been selected as the organizing city. Being located in one of the world’s largest natural bays, our home city of Puerto Vallarta will proudly co-host the Games with a number of outdoor sporting events.
The Pan American games are a multi-sport event that take place every 4 years, usually the year before the Olympic Games. Competitors from all nations of the Americas compete. The 2011 edition of the event, 1 year before the London 2012 Olympics, will take place during the month of October.

With our city being turned towards the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta is ideally located to host the Games’ beach and aquatic sporting events. These will be :

1. Sailing
2. Triathlon
3. Open-water swimming
4. Beach volleyball

With the international coverage that the Games will bring, Puerto Vallarta will be able to show-off it’s already world-renown attributes; it’s ocean, it’s water-sports, it’s beaches, it’s climate and it’s culture.

Infrastructure preparations are already underway at the “Augustin Flores” sports complex where a new 5,000 capacity beach volleyball stadium will be built. An oceanfront spectator route will be prepared for the open-swimming competition and the triathlon event will take place in the Puerto Vallarta Marina. The sailing competition will take place on the open-water further out into the bay.

This will be a great event for Puerto Vallarta and the locals are looking forward to being able to once again showcase their Paradise city.