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Refried Brains (Puerto Vallarta On 49 Brain Cells A Day Book 2)

This is a very funny book, a collection of hilarious true-life stories written by a semi-retired expatriate living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Humor drips off of every page, as the author describes his often surreal modes of travel down the pot-holed highways and byways of his adopted country.
Follow the exploits of the slightly insane author as he gets himself into one Jalapeño flavored pickle after another: attending, and then fleeing a disastrous peyote ceremony; nearly blowing up the Fiesta Americana Hotel with faulty fireworks; and taking the ultimate bus ride from hell in pursuit of the magic mushrooms of Oaxaca.
Refried Brains is dark humor at its best. And though this entertaining book is laugh-out-loud funny, it is at the same time a kind of off-the-wall instruction manual for living the good semi-retired life in Mexico.
Some of the story titles include: Stuck Between A Mariachi And A Hard Place; 20,000 Bowel Movements Beneath The Terrace; Cruel and Unusual Therapy; Interview With An Umpire; and Hit The Roach, Jack.