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Refried Brains (Puerto Vallarta On 49 Brain Cells A Day) (Volume 2)

Refried Brains is a collection of hilarious true-life stories written by a semi retired expatriate living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you like to read well-written laugh-out-loud funny humor, and learn what retirement in a place like Mexico is really like, this is the book for you. Some of the story titles include: Stuck Between A Mariachi And A Hard Place; 20,000 Bowel Movements Beneath The Terrace; Cruel and Unusual Therapy; Interview With An Umpire; and Hit The Roach, Jack. Follow the exploits of the slightly insane author as he attempts to travel all over Mexico, getting himself into one pickle after another: attending a disastrous peyote ceremony, nearly blowing up the Fiesta Americana Hotel with faulty fireworks and taking the ultimate bus ride from hell in pursuit of the magic mushrooms of Oaxaca.