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So just what is a Tanguis

Take a visit to a Puerto Vallarta Tianguis and experience the sights, sounds and merchandise that is sold and has remained the same way for centuries. Listen to the native locals bartering in the Spanish language. Prices are low and bargains are to be had. See the magnificent sights and experience the surroundings that closely resemble those of a time gone by. So just what is a Tanguis?

Mexico Mercado Market Aisle photo

A Tianguis is an open air market or bazaar and the word Tianguish derives from the Nahuatl word “”tianquiztli” which means day market or harvest. The correct pronunciation is  “tee-an-geese” and the term “día de tianguis” literally means “market day.” Not only does the name have history but the whole Tianguish tradition stretches way back to the pre-Hispanic era. In fact before the Spanish conquest during in the 1500’s, it was the most important part of the commerce throughout Mexico and much of the style and tradition remains unchanged today and is still a strong feature in Puerto Vallarta  and is instilled in the Mexican culture overall. Tianguis is also known as Mercado, street market or open-air market.

A Tianguis can vary in size and they can range from a few hundred sellers/vendors to several thousands at the larger inner city ones. That is what makes visiting a Tianguis such a wonderful and exciting experience. Puerto Vallarta holds some of the finest Tianguis and there is a whole wide variety of things that can be bought and sold. Many are now specialized and depending on the area can depend on the type of goods sold and some Tianguis may sell just one type of merchandise, such as in Taxco, were every Saturday, a large silver Tianguis is held, selling just silver jewelery. Or a more rural Tianguis may sell raw merchandise such as livestock, beans, grain and agricultural tools. Tianguis is extremely popular throughout Mexico in both rural and urban areas. Many Modern goods can also be purchased at a particular Tianguis, such as dvd’s, cd’s, vehicles, electrical goods and current clothing and accessories such as jeans, t-shirts, handbags and belts etc. You can purchase some of the areas finest produce at a Puerto Vallarta Tianguis, with an assortment of fruit, grain and other locally grown produce.

Whatever you may want to buy, you will probably find at a Tianguis somewhere in Puerto Vallarta and even if you don’t want to purchase anything at all, the experience alone is something that should be treasured and can not be found or replicated anywhere else other than Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Written by Jeff Musto.