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The Zoon in Puerto Vallarta (Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta)

If you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, you must visit the Puerto Vallarta zoo. No matter what zoo you have earlier visited, a visit to the Vallarta zoo will be a special experience for you and your family, as the zoo has more than hundred species of animals and birds within a five acres area of lavish and wide open forest. This is an educational park with a mission to teach and enlighten people and help the modern world to live in harmony with the Mother Nature. While, the main aim of the zoo is to preserve and offer the Earth’s vanishing species a safe home to grow and increase in number.

The zoo is actually a sanctuary, where every animal is free to roam and live in safety. So, hang up your fancy shoes, put on your shorts, grab a bottle of water and set out to see the zoo and enjoy a unique experience with exotic animals in a natural setting.

Throughout your stroll in the zoo, you will notice several native species: the Black Agouti, Coyote, Jaguar, Scarlet Macaws, Raccoon, Ferret, and the Tepezcuintle. Moreover, the zoo also gives shelter to some of the amazing foreign animals who are on the edge of extinction such as the Sitka Deer, Bengal Tigers African Lion, White Tigers, Black Howler Squirrel, and the Black Bear.

Located in Mismaloya, Zoologico de Vallarta encloses five acres of lush forest in the foot hills of the mountains. This natural tropical atmosphere provides the right setting for the zoo’s inhabitants. Feel the magic of the beautiful nature and see all the native animals and several exotic animals from throughout the word at El Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta. Admire the majestic white tigers and charm of elegant flamingos, feel the tenderness of the Macao and play with the notorious Squirrel Monkey. Fancy the wildness of the fearsome Lions and Jaguars and discover enigmatic Black Panthers.

The Zoological garden also includes a restaurant which serves many Mexican dishes and snacks for your enjoyment. The biggest specialty of the restaurant is the bird show, arranged every weekend, starting from 10:00am; within which one can get photographed with the birds with your family or sometime may choose the Boa Constrictors. Also in special seasons there are special arrangements for everyone to see the new-born members of the zoo. This is a phenomenal event, where one can cuddle and play with these cuties and become their Godfather by depositing money to the Zoo authority in the name of the that particular baby.

They also give special tour packages designed to cater to your particular interests. In the near future, the Zoological garden will feature rental cabins, amusement park, train and a Water Park with the hope that it will become one of the Latin America’s most recognized recreational parks.

The imagination and the love of the owner and the employees towards the animals are mirrored in the splendor of Zoologico de Vallarta and in the welfare of the animals. This recreational park isn’t solely providing a secure place for animals in peril of extinction, however conjointly offers Puerto Vallarta a further attraction that no tourist or resident ought not to miss.

Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta

Zoologico de Puerto Vallarta