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Travel in & arround Puerto Vallarta

It is rather easy for tourists to travel to Puerto Vallarta by air, sea or bus. After reaching Puerto Vallarta, a trip becomes enjoyable once you know a little about the fares for private rented cars, taxis and buses. Like shopping and tours, transport facilities too are cheap and accommodating. Outdoor activities and shopping carry much anticipation however traveling within the city, by public or private facilities is also part of the learning experience.

The Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is located only four miles away north of downtown. Flights go from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles very often. Almost 450 flights arrive weekly in high season. From Dallas/Fort Worth, American Airlines flies very frequently. Aero Mexico, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines direct regular flights from the gateways in U.S and Mexico.

Reach Puerto Vallarta by Cruise and you will delight in the beautiful sights all along the coast. The Terminal Marítimo is docked with Carnival, Holland-America, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Travel to Puerto Vallarta on one of the luxury cruises and make a vacation more exciting starting from home only.

For a comfortable stay after reaching Puerto Vallarta you can rent a car also very easily. Make bookings with car rentals. A variety of vehicles are available for your convenience so that your trip is worth every penny you spend. Facilities such as a driver, air conditioned car etc all are easily available.

Traveling within Puerto Vallarta isn’t hard, once you know a little about the fares of the Taxi’s and the buses. Lately the Taxi syndicates have worked on keeping a uniform fare for all areas in Puerto Vallarta. Thus tourists can travel safely knowing that they will not be charged too much. In any case, tourists should take precautionary measures by negotiating about the rate before taking the taxi to avoid later arguments. For a few miles, the taxi should charge from 20 to 30 pesos which is comparatively cheap. In case you visit some restaurant do your own research before deciding the place. There are chances that the taxi driver will talk you into visiting some particular restaurant, because he gets commission for bringing tourists or it is owned by his friend.

Find a “parade” a bus stop and you will see that bus fares are even cheaper than Taxis in Puerto Vallarta. Buses maybe less convenient than taxis however, buses do offer some sights of Mexico that you may miss otherwise. Most of the buses are privately owned and will look rather unique to tourists. The gay and friendly atmosphere in the buses will amuse you as you travel more. If you are lucky you may discover sights and sounds of Puerto Vallarta on these local vehicles when entertainers and singers board the bus. Tip them if are amused with some typical bohemian music or a cultural Mexican song. You may even get a chance to savor the variety of gums and chocolates on these local buses. These candies carry a Mexican flavor that you will remember and may even take as a souvenir.

For more information on rental properties in Puerto Vallarta, also abbreviated as PV, contact Puerto Vallarta Rentals at the following numbers. 612-424-5445.