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WanderLustLost: The Treasure Trail Chronicles

‘WonderLustLost/The Treasure Trail Chronicles’

Urban Dictionary defines a treasure trail as the line of hair that begins just below a man’s chest, runs down the middle of the abdomen and leads to the pubic region. México is home to many such exotic trails. This is a tale of those trails sometimes taken.

When I moved to México right after Christmas in 1991, I was following a dream I had had since first visiting the country (outside of U.S. border towns) in 1983. I fell in love with Puerto Vallarta within moments of stepping off the plane. The time seemed right for the move. The workload in our office was dwindling, I was tired of the fast paced USian lifestyle, and, more, fed up with the U.S. politick.

Being a gay man, and seemingly giving off ‘the scent’ that just about every Tomas, Ricardo and Haroldo picked up on (be they straight, bisexual or gay), and sometimes not too bright and/or way too trusting, led me on several ‘misadventures’ these last 20+ years that I have called México my home away from home. This is the story of some of my infatuations and loves, mainly good, but with several bad ‘manzanas’ tossed into the barrel. Because of these bad apples, the wanderlust I first felt when I arrived that late afternoon of that long ago December, became somewhat lost, tarnished and damaged over the intervening years, but always salvageable.

I didn’t know when I first arrived in Vallarta that ten years later, my dream of living in Paradise would turn into a nightmare when I was thrown in the pokey for three days on the false, set-up assumption I was the ‘jefe’ (ringleader/chief) of a produce pilfering gang.

Needless to say this ‘pokey event’ (the main focus of my tale) ended up changing my plans, direction and ideas of what I thought was the Perfect Paradise Found rather drastically.