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WestStein Mastercard virtual card: benefits of use

The world of financial settlements does not stand still. Electronic payment systems are gradually replacing cash transactions. This is especially important when the financial transaction must occur quickly.

Features of a virtual prepaid card

A virtual prepaid card does not require physical use, nor a payment terminal or ATM. Calculation with its help is carried out from any gadget convenient for the client. An installed application on a smartphone, smart watch or tablet will allow you to transfer or receive money from a distance.

A free prepaid card is your convenience, security and speed of financial flows. By signing up for a WestStein prepaid card, you no longer need to worry about your sent funds. They are 100% guaranteed to reach the recipient, of which you will receive a notification. You can replenish it in any convenient way – this can be a bank transfer from a card of another bank, using cryptocurrency, or replenishment through a bank terminal.


How to order a prepaid Mastercard?

You can get a virtual Mastercard card very quickly. To do this, on any electronic device you need to go to the official WestStein website and register there. To create an individual account, you must enter your basic personal data, such as first name, last name, phone number, email address. Then you need to select the desired type of WestStein virtual card. After registering the application, the system will provide the data on the issued card in a few minutes. Having topped up the required amount in euros, you can start conducting financial transactions, transferring money, making online purchases, closing loans, and paying taxes.

All financial transactions carried out using a free virtual debit card are absolutely safe. WestStein has modern security systems, which it constantly improves for the peace of mind of its customers. You can safely use the service at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Our customer support works 24/7, helping clients resolve emerging financial issues.

Become a WestStein client today and enjoy a high level of secure service!