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Grocery shops in Puerto Vallarta

North Shore residents and tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta can be assured of a good grocery shop that is rather suitable for residents living close by. Established in 1993, a successful mega chain of ?Mega Cormercial Nuevo Vallarta,? offers a spacious store, where you can stroll around with your cart at ease and examine the range of commodities for sale. Get custom made shoes from Huaracheria Fabiola on I. L, Vallarta. They can make any type of flat-soled sandals, which are popularly known to be the most comfortable shoes costing only $20. The soles are made of rubber tire which makes the sandals flexible and can be designed in any way you want. These designed casual shoes of Puerto Vallarta are a possession you would want to flaunt everywhere. Visit the flea market that lies near Rio Cuale. There are numerous stalls and a variety of things in Puerto Vallarta to choose from. At the same time you will also come across designer shops, so that you may easily purchase causal wear as well. These shops lie close to the Malecon strip.