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$3oo Apartment in Puerto Vallarta – Interview & Tour

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In today’s show, I visit my friend Dez, and she gives us a tour of her amazing $300 dollars a month apartment. She lives up on a hill nestled in the jungle, overlooking a river, and is within walking distance to downtown Puerto Vallarta. We also talk about her budget, expenses… and lifestyle as a travel blogger and guide, living in Mexico.

Key moments in this video:
00:00 Video Overview
00:50 Tour of the outside of the apartment.
02:30 Best budget neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta.
03:00 Monthly budget in Puerto Vallarta.
04:33 Transportation in Puerto Vallarta.
05:14 Apartment, condo and home rentals in Puerto Vallarta.
05:34 Healthcare costs in Puerto Vallarta
06:14 Safety in Puerto Vallarta.
07:02 Buenos Aires neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta.
07:32 Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta.
08:36 $300 dollar per month Apartment Tour in Puerto Vallarta.

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Se rompe parachute en Puerto Vallarta

En Playa Camarones, de Puerto Vallarta, una mujer subió a un parachute que se rompió y la dejó varios minutos a la deriva.

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NEW CONDO Development, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Passive Cash Flow or a Great Place to Live

In today’s video we are visiting a new development called Grand Trianon, which is located in Versalles neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I walk through the streets near the development to share the vibe of this area; we will talk about prices and potential rent opportunities.

If you are looking for a home to live in or if you are considering investing in real estate for passive income ( long term rentals) this video is a must watch.

Oporto overview video :

Fluvial Vallarta video:

Time Codes
0:00 Intro
1:02 Oporto presentation center location
1:41 Grand Trianon development cite
2:09 Overview of the development
2:37 Payment Plans
3:47 Overview and neighborhood walk through
5:37 Who should invest here
5:50 Rental Rates
6:04 Why do I think this area is best for long term rentals

#PuertoVallarta #RealEstateinPuertoVallarta #MexicoRealEstate

Grand Trianon Development information :

Are you looking for a realtor or a lawyer to help you with Real Estate Purchase in Puerto Vallarta area?
Comment on the video and I will be in touch to set you up with great agents and lawyers.

DISCLAIMER: Even though I am a licensed real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada, I am not licensed in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco. This video is for the entertainment purposes only. Please ensure to speak with your real estate professional and lawyer prior to making a decision on purchasing real estate.

Developer’s prices are always subject to change and prices mentioned in the video are approximate at the time of filming the video.

CA teen attacked by crocodile while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta speaks out | ABC7

What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway before starting college this fall, turned into a real life nightmare for 18-year-old Kiana Hummel, who was attacked by a 12-foot-long crocodile while vacationing in Mexico with a friend earlier this month.


Puerto Vallarta with out Bars – walkthroug malecon and romantic zone

A lot of visitors were confused and disapointed whed they find out the bars and clubs in puerto vallarta are close. No more night life in Puerto Vallarta.

What Should You See In PUERTO VALLARTA – Sunsets, Beach, Tours & Where to Get Covid Test!

Puerto Vallarta is becoming one of the most FASCINATING destination in Mexico! Explore with us the many Beautiful Things that PV has to offer!
We’ll give you some good tips on how to ENJOY this place to the Fullest including the best Beaches and Food and also have a little SURPRISE for you in the end! Check it out and enjoy!!

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Observatory
03:22 – Malecon
04:33 – Zona Romantica
05:11 – Beaches
05:37 – Tours
06:31 – Food
08:08 – Covid Test

New Travel Advisory Puerto Vallarta – August 2021

New restrictions for Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, end of the night life in Puerto Vallarta, the situation is getting worst.

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Is Puerto Vallarta safe?
One of the safest cities in Mexico, and also friendly.

What is the best season for Puerto Vallarta trip?
Normally from November to April, Rainy season stars in June and finish in October. A lot of humidity and hot

What are the COVID 19 restrictions?
What? What is that? Im kidding, low COVID 19 restrictions, if you flight to Mexico you only need to say you has not the symptoms and If you had it, make sure to travel whit 14 days later after you are okay. Almost no cases or deaths for this virus in Puerto Vallarta.

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Is Puerto Vallarta Shutting Down?- New Covid Restrictions

#puertovallarta #jalisco #nayarit
New covid restrictions in Jalisco and Nayarit. Will discuss everything related to travel here to Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit area.

Jalisco State News:

Puerto Vallarta Daily News

Mexico Covid 2021 | Covid 2021 Puerto Vallarta, Covid 2021 Ajijic, Covid 2021 Chapala

Mexico Covid 2021 | Covid 2021 Puerto Vallarta, Covid 2021 Ajijic, Covid 2021 Chapala

This video is all about living or visiting Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, Guadalajara, or Chapala with the Mexico Covid 2021 issues.

The issues are pretty much the same for all four towns because they are all located in the state of Jalisco. People send my messages and they ask, “How will Mexico Covid effect my vacation. Covid 2021 Puerto Vallarta is a serious issue. People are sick, people are dying. If you are considering making the trip, you need to watch this video to see if the issues behind Covid 2021 Puerto Vallarta are worth handling.

Covid 2021 Ajijic is about the same. Yes the cities are very far apart, but they are in the same state. The state is Jalisco. Jalisco has taken the same steps to deal with Mexico Covid 2021 all over the state. With Guadalajara being on of the biggest cities in Mexico, if you are thinking about moving to or visiting Guadalajara, then you surely want to watch this video that talks about Covid 2021 Guadalajara.

Yes, in this video we do talk about four cities, three we mention above, but in that I live in Chapala, I do talk about Covid 2021 Chapala and the people in Chapala and the effects on local businesses and families. My wife’s son in law is a doctor in Puerto Vallarta and all of his business right now is working with people that are seriously ill with Covid 2021 Puerto Vallarta. It is a very serious situation.

Yes, I’m Bill the Geek, and in this video, we will discuss Mexico Covid 2021 and Mexico travel coronavirus 2021. Be safe.

Teresa´s son in law, Doctors at home for Puerto Vallarta

Crocodile Attack in Puerto Vallarta – My thoughts

Latest news is of a crocodile attack in Puerto Vallarta at the Marriott PV. In this video I share my thoughts and if this is common in Vallarta.